What To Expect

What kind of environment should I expect? Our goal is to be as friendly as possible to anyone who comes to our worship gathering. Our Gathering is casual and we want you to come as you are to worship with us. We are real people with real problems and in need of a real Savior. So please don't think you have to get it together before you come, just come as you are.


What about kids and youth? On Sunday mornings you will see many of our teenagers serving as greeters as well as serving in other areas. Our children, ages K-5th grade, have their own fun filled worship service upstairs. We have other opportunities to get your child or teen involved on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.


What are your beliefs?  Glad you asked. We think this is such an important question that we have dedicated a full page along with other links on our website. Please visit that page for information on what we believe.


How does a person become a member of your church? We have three methods of ways we grant church membership. 1.) Through baptism. 2.) By Statement. 3.) By transfer of membership.