Bulletin for November 28, 2022


New Member Goal for 2022: 25

Actual: 19

August Worship Attendance Goal: 105

Monthly Average - 84

Greeters for December 4th - Mrs. Kris Class

Deacon Ordination and Fellowship - Sunday, December 4th at 6pm. Bring Soup, Chili, and Desserts.

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Sunday Morning Small Groups

Starts at 9:15 AM

Nursery - New Born - 5 years old - Led by Ashley Hinton

Kids - K-5th - Led by Lisa Tanner

Youth - Grades 6th - 12th. Led by Dee Leggett

College - Ages 18 - 24. Led By Jeremey and Anna Watkins

Women's Only - All Ages. Led by Kris Williams

Adult 1 Co-Ed - Ages 25-35 Led by Blake Patrick

Adult 2 Co-Ed - Ages 36-50 Led by Todd Burkes

Adult 3 Co-Ed - Ages 51-65. Led by Don Cockroft

Traditional Class - Explore the Bible - Adult CoEd - Led by Adam Leggett

Senior Adult Bible Study for Life - Thursday @ 10am - Led by Glyndel Bankston

Wednesday Night Small Group Start at 6:00pm

It will be live streamed on Facebook Wednesday Nights.

Experiencing God

Sunday Morning Worship

Advent: Hope Revived

Darkness and Depravity

(Gen. 1, John 1, & Ecc. 3)

1.) Jesus came to restore us back in the image of God.

a.) He restores our measure of life.

b.) He restores our meaning in life.

2.) Jesus came to fill the void that sin left in our hearts.

a.)  That void can’t be filled with temporary gifts

b.)  That void is only filled with the only eternal gift, Jesus.

3.) Jesus came to bring life and light into dead and dark souls. 

a.) Jesus shines light in our darkest places.

b.) Jesus brings life to our deadness.