Bulletin for March 19, 2023


New Member Goal for 2023: 24

Actual: 0

March Worship Attendance Goal: 105

Monthly Average - 106

Small Groups Goal - 75

March Average - 77

Greeters for March 19th - Blake's Class and College Class

Sign is on order. Please consider a one time financial gift.

Garage Sale on May 6th. You can start bringing donations to the gym.

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering Goal: $1200

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Sunday Morning Small Groups

Starts at 9:15 AM

Nursery - New Born - 5 years old - Led by Ashley Hinton

Kids - K-5th - Led by Lisa Tanner

Youth - Grades 6th - 12th. Led by Dee Leggett

College - Ages 18 - 24. Led By Jeremey and Anna Watkins

Women's Only - All Ages. Led by Kris Williams

Adult 1 Co-Ed - Ages 25-35 Led by Blake Patrick

Adult 2 Co-Ed - Ages 36-50 Led by Todd Burkes

Adult 3 Co-Ed - Ages 51-65. Led by Don Cockroft

Traditional Class - Explore the Bible - Adult CoEd - Led by Adam Leggett

Senior Adult Bible Study for Life - Thursday @ 10am - Led by Glyndel Bankston

Wednesday Night Small Group Start at 6:00pm

Sunday Morning Worship

David: A Man After God’s Own Heart

#6: Loving Others

(2 Samuel 9)

1.) Our love for others is shown by the kindness we extend to them. 

a.) Some people are in relationships for their own needs to be met. (Consumer).

b.) Some people are in relationships and they sacrifice their needs for others. (Covenant).

2.) Loving others also includes loving our enemies. 

a.) David takes his enemy in as part of his family.

b.) Jesus takes his enemy in as part of his family. 

3.) Loving others involves a risk.