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Sunday Worship Service Notes

Sermon On The Mount: A New People

"A New Foundation"

(Matthew 7:24-29)

1.) The builders had the same vision , the same blue prints, and faced the same storm.

2.) The builders were described by two different characteristics: wise and foolish. 

a.) We are wise in life if we know the Word and choose to obey the Word.

b.) We are foolish in life if we know the Word and choose to disobey the Word.

3.) The builders built their homes on two different foundations.

a.) If you build your life on temporary things it will crumble.

b.) If you build your life on eternal things it will last.

4.) Your foundation must be built before the storms come.

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Weekly Worship Guide

Weekly Bible Readings and Devotions August 2-8

Theme: Pursuing Holiness: A Journey Through The Bible

Sunday: Read Matthew 3. Skipping the birth narrative in Matthew we jump to the ministry of Jesus. It begins with John the Baptizer publicly proclaiming the Christ who is coming and then Jesus being Baptized. How do you feel about baptism? 

Monday: Read Matthew 4: 1-17. Jesus faced the same temptations we face. What can we learn from Him in dealing with our own temptations?

Tuesday: Read Matthew 4: 18-25. Follow Me. What does it mean to follow Jesus? 

Wednesday: Read Matthew 8: 1-17. this is coming off the teachings of Jesus in ch 5-7. Now he shows His authority and power. What do these verses teach you about Jesus?

Thursday: Read Matthew 8:18-34. Jesus tells us the cost of following Him. then he shows us why we should follow Him by showing His authority over nature and demons. Do you think people really know the cost of following Him?

Friday: Read Matthew 9: 1-17. Healing and calling followers seem to be the theme in these chapters. Both dealt with his relationship to those who were considered the worst of the worst in society. Jesus healed those who had no hope and called those who needed hope. Does the fact that Jesus saved you give you hope to face your battles today?

Saturday: Read Matthew 9: 18-38. Jesus shows us His power to save and heal. Then He graciously calls us to be part of that. Do you see the world as your mission field or the church as where you do ministry? 


Tuesday and Wednesday will be live @ 10:00 am. Others @ 6pm. 


Something New: We will be reading these and having devotion and prayer time on Facebook Live each day. 

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